Under review

Make a subtask by drugging a task on top of another task.

edshamis 2 years ago updated by saskia 6 months ago 8

Can you add an possibility to add subtask by drugging  a task on top of another task?

Under review

Hi there!

Thank you for the suggestion.  Let's wait and see if more people vote for this. :)

Consider 3 votes from my side.

If a task is to be draggable into, then comes the question of the reverse, dragging a subtask out. I think it gets complicated for them dev team. I guess their currently programming model has certain assumptions and this is a big change in their model.

Hi there!

Great addition to the initial suggestion.

This is not on the priority list though. Rest assured, your thoughts has been shared to the team. :)

I'm handling this task/subtask parent/child relationship by executing api request that change the ParentActionId of a task.

if it will be added as a feature that would be great!


Thank you for sharing this.

I'm checking with our dev team regarding your API key request. I'll get back to you as soon as I receive a feedback.

Thank you.

This would really help. I earlier created a few tasks concerning an event I'll be attending and now I would like to give these tasks a parent task that keeps them together so I can track progress more easily. Just upvoted this feature request.