No change. App still not syncing. Really annoying

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Under review

Hi there!

Thank you for reaching out. 

May we know which internet browser you are using? Also, if we may please have screenshots for reference?

Looking forward to your response!

Hi.  Chrome.  Here is the desktop Goals screen and the iPhone Goals screen....  on iPhone its not the Goals, its the Roles and all high impact tasks under the roles

Same frustration here: the web app and mobile apps don't match at all. This really gets in the way of using the mobile app.

- web app Goals aren't available in the mobile app, and neither are their high impact tasks

- web app Roles are called Goals in the mobile app

- web app high impact tasks are called Actions (or tasks, depending where you look) in the mobile app

- it's possible to switch workspaces in the mobile app, but doing so doesn't change which tasks are shown in the schedule, like it does in the web app, which makes switching pointless

This amount of inconsistency is rather confusing. Is the app consistent with a really old version of the web app?

This is frustrating because the fundamental concept behind the web app is so good :) The mobile space needs this too, and the current app doesn't deliver.


Thank you for your feedback.

You are correct. The Goals in iphone app are the hight impact tasks.

We have forwarded your feedback to our ios developer which he can look into for the next update.