Chronological order of tasks

nickwelch 2 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 4

When I enter in times for tasks it doesn't order them correctly (chronologically) automatically, and when I manually reorder them they snap back to where they were after a couple seconds. It also doesn't let me change the length of time a task will take to more than an hour, it snaps back to the original 1 hr time after a couple seconds as well. 

Other than that, loving the app! 


iOS app
Under review

Hi there!

Thank you for reaching out.

We are sorry to hear about this. We are more than happy to check this further.

For us to understand your concern better, may we ask for a screenshot of these for reference?

Thank you for your patience. Looking forward to your response!

Hi there!

Thank you for sending that through.

We will share this with our ios developer and wait for his feedback. 


Hi there!

Good day.

We have made few update with the web app recently. We will be closing this ticket temporarily.

Please feel free to reach out if you are still having this issue.

Have a great day!