Repeating tasks for boards / Parking Lot

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I've created a board with lists for various recurring tasks I do—lo and behold, this is impossible for some reason.

I would not call my menial recurring chores "high impact tasks" nor do I want them cluttering up my major milestones of the week, so I do not place them there (nor do I want to). I want a place for them to live out-of-sight unless they are scheduled for me on a particular day. 

Note: I also don't want to clone my tasks from the Parking Lot because it straight up makes no sense. To do so is antithetical to the concept of a recurring task AND a productivity planner—and it does not save anyone any time. I create recurring tasks so I don't have to input them all the time because they are frequent and the same. 

TL;DR: Highly recommend you make tasks in the parking lot / in boards repeatable.

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Ana Loraine
  • Under review

Hi there!

Thank you for your suggestion.

Parking lot and boards allow you to store tasks that don't have a particular date, they could be ideas, things to do later, or projects.

To enable the repeat task function, it needs a start date. You can set it up by promoting the entry from the parking lot to a specific day first.

We understand your point and preference to have this function added on the app. However, this is not on top of our priority at the moment. 

We would like to hear the thoughts of the other users and keep the votes coming :)