how can i associate a HIT (task) with a Goal? and how to mark goals % complete?

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I asked a follow-up question, which has not yet been answered.

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To use the Goal tracker, you have to create the HIT from there. Then ssign a week by clicking the cells then select the date for the task to appear in your workspace.

In the Goals view there is a drop down arrow , and when I click  on it, it points wdown and text says “No high-impact taks” there does not appear to be any way to add a task here. I have looked at it like 5 times!



Our apologies for the confusion.

You have to add a goal first, then create the HIT. 

As shown on the screenshot below, the test 2 and test 3 are HIT where I selected Test 1 as the the Goal where these tasks will fall under.

Just like editing a task,  you can assign a date then select the cell so it will show up in your workspace. 

i see. i have about 20 goals, so the Add HIT feature is below my screen view. I expected to see that option directly underneath each Goal.


Thank you for the response.

I will share this suggestion with the team to consider for future updates.

When I add a HIT here, it does not show up in the Schedule view. Are the two modules connected?

Hi there,

The HIT you entered on the goals section should appear in the week (cell) and date you assigned as shown on the second clip provided on my previous message.

i see. it was not apparent to me that i had to schedule the task before it would transfer over. in fact, i didn't even notice the calendaring to the right. the dates at the top are in tiny print and the divider lines between the weeks are invisible. The Maybe a little note would help explain this to people, like when you type in a task maybe it could say "to schedule this task, click on a week to the right" or something.


Thank you for your feedback.

Our sincerest apologies for the confusion.

I have added this note to our Knowledgebase for additional info.

I will share this with the team to consider adding a note on the goals section.