Synchronizing Calendar - Is it possible to synchronize Week plan with my Exchange Server at work?

sbulbeck 2 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 3

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We have Google Synchronization and Outlook Synchronization. For other apps and systems, you can try using Zapier.

Kindly check these pages from our Knowledgebase for reference:



Please let us know if you have other questions with the app. :)

Does that work for the Outlook Exchange Server integration? Many companies use Outlook Exchange as the primary calendar tool. Meetings that one need to prepare for is main toll on one's professional role. But there is a disconnect there. Need a way to periodically sync Outlook Exchange to WP is needed. Just once/twice a day batch script will also do the job. There are some VB tools that send Outlook agenda out as an email, if WP can parse those, it will be a great value add. Happy to pay premium for it.

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Are you perhaps, referring to the Microsoft Exchange? If so, please be advised that this is yet to be available via Zapier.