Cant seem to add images to the events

infinite.biz.media 2 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 6

I cant seem to add images to events. 

Web app
Under review

Hi there!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Are you getting any error message when trying to add an attachment to your task? Also, may we know what browser you were using when this happened? 

We'll be more than happy to check this further.

i was looking to copy and paste into the event


Hi there!

Thank you for the response.

You may paste images as links or attach them as attachments but the app does not support embedding images.

In addition, we suggest using Gyazo for sharing images. :)

Hi there!

We are not related to this app but we use this for taking screenshots and GIFs. There are other apps out there with the same function.