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HI there!

Thank you for your feedback. 

May we just have your clarification with what you mean with "room version"?

On the current version of Weekplan, you will be able to drag and drop tasks according to how you want them arranged within a given day.

sorry I meant "Weekplan pro version" not 'room version'. Will the ability to drag and drop tasks be available soon? Thank you soooo much for adding this feature.

Hi there!

Thank you for your clarification. :)

You should be able to do this with our current version, as shown on the clip above. Aren't you able to do this on your end? 

If so, may we have a screenshot for reference so we can check?


Thank you so much for your reply.  I simply LOVE the new/pro-version of Weekplan.  Thank you for all the improvements.  I was so happy to see that I can drag and drop items on my to-do list for any given day.  The feature works great on my laptop.  It does not work on my android app, which is what I was using when I wrote the original comment, but I am very happy with the ability to drag and drop on the laptop and can rearrange to-do's there.

Thank you for your help!


Susan Weller


Hi, Susan! 

You are most welcome!

We sincerely appreciate your kind words for the app. I'd be happy to share this to our team. :)

With regards to the drag and drop, it is indeed unavailable with the Android app. 

Though this is not a priority feature at the moment, we will take note of this suggestion for consideration with our updates in the future.

Have a great day!