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Import tasks from old Task Manager

will 2 years ago updated by Boo L. 2 years ago 3

Is there any way to migrate tasks from another service to Weekplan? I've been using Todoist for years, but love the interface here. I have nearly 1000 "Someday" tasks I would hate to lose not to mention the multiple projects currently underway. Looking for a way to get my tasks into Weekplan quickly. 


Web app

Hi there! 

Thank you for reaching out.

We do not have a direct integration like with Google Calendar and Outlook but you can try via Zapier. 


I have some problem with taskbar when i used the taskbar it not working, its hang the system.i re-install the window 10 then after its not working its say that taskbar not responding please suggest me some solution related to it.

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Hi Johnny,

We are sorry to hear that.  May we have a screenshot of the problem please?