Option to delete just one event in a repeating task series.

Jacquelyn 5 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 5 years ago 4
Right now if you delete a repeating task, it deletes the entire series. Sometimes just one event needs to be removed (vacation week, single cancellation, etc.). Many planner apps have a popup asking offering the choice to delete/change the entire series OR just the event originally selected.
Under review
Actually, deleting a repeating task should only delete that one event. If you want to delete the series, you need to edit the end date.

What kind of repetition was it? (daily, yearly, etc...) and did you delete the first event, or a random one from the series?
I honestly can't remember what I had done, but I did end up deleting more than one entire series of tasks. It is working as you described now, though, so that's good!

One other thing I noticed when I was just testing it out: if you set a repeating task and then go back in and remove the repeat, it does not automatically refresh the page so the future repeated events do still show. Then if you click on one of them, a blue error box pops up saying it's not the most recent version. I think a refresh immediately after the removal of the repeat would eliminate this glitch.
I have fixed the second issue you referred to in this comment. Thanks! (will be available in next release)