input planning duration of task and later input a track time of task via iOS

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Hello! How can i manually input planning duration of task and later input a track time of task via iOS device. I am in a trial now. And it is sansitive for my scheme of planning. Thanks.

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You can select assign a date and select the start and end time when you fo to the "Edit Task" section. Just tap on the task to view this iapge.

Please let us know if you have other questions or concerns.

thanks for rapid reply. I know it, but in general  I needn't plan appropriate time in advance but only duration for each task. in website interface there are additional fields for estimating and actual duration and you can see that information in week view but not in iOS. It is good thing for planning, you can avaluate via estimating duration how your day is loaded and when it's needed put actual duration in another field. Therefore it can be used for calculation "actual/estimating" to understand you normal mistake in planning. What do you think? Are you planning to realize it?

Here is another question. Can I have alfabetical order of tasks in week view in iOS?


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At the moment, you can only set a duration for the task by adding the Start and End time for each tasks. Also, our the option to arrange the tasks in alphabetical order is not available as an option.

Please be advised that the ios app is created by an independent ios developer. We are more than happy to forward these suggestions to him for consideration with the updates he'll create in the future.