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What's up with the lag when moving tasks around (they become fuzzy)?

j 2 years ago updated by andylangtonuk 2 years ago 4

When I move a task to a calendar, or even move them around in the prioritize box, they become fuzzy for a moment, then become clear. I figure this is because you're making some XHR request in the background and want it to confirm, but can't you just assume it will complete, and make the UI look snappy instead of making it feel like it lags whenever I try to do something? 

Then, in the off-chance it fails, you move it back or make it red or something.

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Hi there!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

May we ask if this is consistent each time you move a task? Also, may we know which browser you are using when this happened?

Looking forward to your response!

Yes - it seems to happen everywhere in the app, whether it's on the time scheduling or prioritization, etc. Here's a quick video: video

I'm using the latest version of Chrome.

Thanks for the quick response Ana!


You are most welcome! Thank you for the response and sending the video for reference.

I will share this with our dev team for further checking. You will be notified once we have an update.

To note, I experience the same behaviour. It doesn't make the app unusable, but is a bit off-putting.