Annual plan - pro-rated refunds?

Costa Caruso 5 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 5 years ago 4
Question: if I pay for the annual plan but then decide to cancel after X months, do I get a pro-rated refund?
Under review
No, this is the main difference between the monthly and yearly plan. You'd take the monthly plan if you don't want to commit, you'd take the yearly plan if you want to commit and save money.

If you're open to some customer feedback: for me, $14/month is a bit much for a personal todo/goals app (if you would like me to list off some similar services that cost less I'd be happy to, I'm one of those people that has a spreadsheet full of comparisons for all my needs).

I don't plan on using Weekplan for team collaboration (Kanban apps are better suited for teams IMHO). I wonder how many other users use it solo -- maybe you could consider adding a pricing tier for "solo" use?

I'd love to pay for this service as it's got a couple features not found elsewhere, but at $14/month I'm going to be re-assessing every time I get billed and would be a user with high probability for churn.

Pricing my product correctly is very difficult and a slow process, but something I want to get right. I have tried selling the product at half the current price but I ended up losing money during the experiment.

I think you are spot on that I should offer a better tiered plan structure: solo versus teams or free/silver/gold, or based on number of tasks per month, etc...

The reason why I don't want to limit the team aspect is because it is part of my marketing strategy: free users may invite others that may upgrade one day.

Regarding the churn, WeekPlan has a fairly low churn rate (< 3.5%) which tells me that customers who do decide to upgrade don't find the pricing a problem. Obviously, if the price was lower, I'd probably convert more people, but like I said, I found that the increased conversion doesn't outweight the loss in revenue (but the experiment was run a while ago, I should try again).

At the end of the trial, you should have received an email giving you an additional 20% discount on top of the discount you get when subscribing yearly (50%).

A question for you:
Would you mind sharing the spreadsheet you have done? It will be valuable to see what features you look for, what you perceive are our competitors, and what features are unique to our products, etc...

You can send me an email at aymeric@weekplan.net