Color change. Pastel ones

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Boo L.
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Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out.  Are there any specific colors that you would like to see?



Thanks for your reply. I would prefer mustard, ocre, green, orange, light red. 

Black white and (navy) blue and white background are a terrible motivation killer for someone who has an acute visual memory like me. I tend to photographically memorize after 1 glance and these colors are always associated with sth cold and negative. 

As opposed to the attached image of my background, which brings up good associations with work and make me stay longer and longer every day. Not to mention my mood and productivity. I reply to 40 emails in an hour on such background and when in Salesforce I close 10 within the same time frame. 

Do not wanna sound spoilt, but it really matters. I have been testing apps for some time now and the ugly colored one are crossed out in no time. 

Really love the layout of your tool. It should give us more space for customization (I will not even take a look at boring fonts and dull list and will go for interesting stuff. It is not the purpose of this kanban overview and this hideous blue (no offence) makes me wanna run. LOL

Keep up good work. :) will try sticking longer than one week. :)