Lost my tasks for the week

Ronnie Miller 8 years ago updated by Grace 5 years ago 5

Hey Aymeric,

First off, I love Weekplan. Nice Job. It really helps me out. The only problem I am experiencing is losing the data in my week sometimes. It usually happens at the beginning of my week after copying all of my previous weeks goals over and the tasks and goals also moved over to a new week since i did not complete them. I will then arrange my week, adding tasks and goals into the week. And then out of thin air the week will go blank and the tasks are gone forever. Pending slot stays correct tho. Roles and Goals and lists pages stay all good. I hope this makes some sense.

I am using Chrome, so I may start using Firefox to see if that helps.


Hi Ronnie, yes we had confirmation of this issue too, we are trying to fix this important issue as a high priority item. And you are correct, it seems to happen only at the start of the week and only for tasks in the weekplan.

Thanks for looking into it and the really quick response.

No problem, I am very sorry that you have lost some tasks. For two years, it has never happen and I was proud of that. I think it is important that as a user I can rely on my task manager to remember all my tasks. I will fix this issue very soon.

Great. Thank you. I look forward to my continued use of Weekplan.net.