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Shortcut to set date

mr.samosa 2 years ago updated by Seila 1 year ago 4

I like the ability to quickly set certain attributes for a task with shortcuts like "!" for priority or "@" for role. An extension of this feature that's found in many planners like Todoist and Plan is a shortcut to set a date.

Not sure if it's implemented already but it doesn't seem like it according to this thread from a while ago.

Under review

Hi there!

Thank you for reaching out,

Aymeric mentioned on this page that we have an email integration with Weekplan. There's no need to use Zapier for this feature.



Hi, thanks for responding. I'm a little confused - I'm talking about the shortcuts while creating tasks within Weekplan - like this:

Maybe a possible trigger keyword could be "due " like in Todoist, setting the date to be whatever the user inputs afterward in a m/d format or a day of the week like "mon," "tue," "next mon," "tmrw," or "tomorrow." Or the system could detect the date/weekdays as triggers themselves. So, for example, the user would type "due next monday" to set the due date. 


Our apologies for the confusion. I was referring to the thread you mentioned above.

As for your suggestion, I will share this to our team again for review. It may not be in high priority at the moment but we will have this noted for future improvement.

I doubt it will work! Hey!) What about other languages??? I hate this option in other planners!!!!!! Don/t forget about other languages. PLEASE))))