It is not my version of Android. Even with max height, columns are messed up.

Chip Smith 5 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 5 years ago 3

I have seen from other posts that you believe it is the Android version causing all the columns to be off. It is not the version it is your programing. I do not understand your stubborn attitude. Your previous version was brilliant, usable, and worked well cross platform. This new version, even with the max height stinks and is totally unusable on my phone and tablet. Why won't you let us choose which version to use. I loved your previous version and don't like the new one at all. Please don't reply you want us to help you work out the bugs on the new version. There are too many!!! Is it because of propriety programming you can't use or what??? Would like to know so I can quit even trying or maybe hope you will return to previous version. The other issue is what would Covey do in this situation. Not much synergy happening anymore. What happen to listening to understand???

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You are using an old version of Android that doesn't handle the flex css rules. For me to make your Android version work, I would have to change the technology I am using for layout, which would mean more code and more maintenance. I am going to look if there is an easy solution.

> Would like to know so I can quit

Yes you can quit.

Ouch that hurts. I am guessing by your response then the previous version is proprietary programming you can't use any longer. Being a coder, however old school, I can understand. FYI: When I go to update both my Android phone and tablet, it comes back and says it is up to date??? I use over 20 different apps a day on both devices. I update apps all the time without any problems. In fact, I updated 3 prominent apps over the last couple of days and all the new versions work on my phone and tablet perfectly! Wishing you the best. Maybe in the future we can turn this into a win/win.