quick task adding and associating

Emil Koguciuk 4 years ago updated by Boo L. 2 years ago 4

I suggest implementing instant task adding in similar fashion as it works in Nozbe - press spacebar, write task and categorize it by using hashtags, for example writing "gift for mom @family #gifts #monday would add task "gift for mom" in the "family" workspace, in the "gifts" bucket and on monday.

Nozbe makes this process independent of where you are in the app, while in Weekplan I need to be in the "Family" workspace to add task there which is very time consuming considering that "brain dumb" needs be instantaneous. Even if I'm in the right workspace while I have new idea I need to locate right bucket for it before adding it.

I would love to use separate workspaces for main areas of my life and one main workspace to see all tasks together but currently adding tasks makes it very time consuming.


I like this idea, it would also allow me to free some space by removing the individual textboxes in each list...

I just feel that having to write down workspace / list / date would take too long, so I would probably have a nice form

to pick those.

In my case actually writing is the most quick as your hands are already on the keyboard and eyes already in one spot. If you are following nozbe funcionality excatly, you don't need to write full word to activate it. just writing "fa" can activate "family" bucket.

Also to choose 'buckets' from form would require dropdown list as users could have quite a lot of those. So user clicks on dropdown and then he starts write name of bucket anyway to jump the cursor on the target quicker. So writing solution is actually quicker in this case as you are actually jumping your cursor before clicking on dropdown :)

I think is this kind of thing that you just need to try first to believe.

Sending tasks to other projects is also nicely designed in Nozbe if you want some inspiration for this problem.


I couldn't find how to add a task to another list in nozbe, could you show me? You could use Gyazo GIF to record a short GIF about this feature and put it here. Thanks.