Copy tasks?

DrKarenS 5 years ago updated by Dev team 7 months ago 8
Just discovered Week Plan and am delighted that it follows the Covey planner model - thanks!

I want to know if I can somehow copy a task complete with notes etc. without wanting to make it a repeating task? I want to be able to check it off for the day and give myself credit for that, but maintain the task and the notes generated for another day - is this possible?
Oops! I"m sorry - I found it here:
aurat-Apelli 2 years ago You can copy a task by doing holding CTRL when you drag a task!

You've thought of everything! ;-)
Under review
Glad you found the answer :)

Copying of tasks by holding CTRL while dragging and dropping it doesn't work for me. Tried it with chrome and IE11. (I'm a Pro user of weekplan.)

Ahhh, I solved the issue! You have to hold the ctrl-button FIRST and THEN drag and drop the task not the other way round (like other software does).

We have an issue with cloning. We are working on it. It should work like other softwares

No, you cannot do that on mobile app now.