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Time Blocking

Jacqueline Paulo 2 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 3

I want to use Week Plan as a daiy time blocking tool but I don't know how to make them organized by time?

Under review

Hi, Jacqueline!

Thank you for reaching out.

The tasks are listed on your day depending on the time you assigned on them.

Perhaps are you looking for other ways to organise your tasks?

Looking forward to your response!

On the computer version it puts them in time order but on the app it doesn’t

Hi, Jacqueline!

Thank you for the response.

I checked with our independent ios developer regarding this function. Unfortunately, the current version of the ios app doesn't sort the tasks chronologically.

You may, however, drag and drop the tasks to move them around based on what you preferred to see on the top of the daily list.