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Lost all Data except for Parking Lot

michelle 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 8

Hi there, 

On opening WeekPlan this morning I had all my data (basically all of it pushed forward from previous weeks), but after a cache clear I logged in using Google TPA and everything was gone except for my Parking Lot, for both of my teams. I tried signing in and out again, clearing the cache etc. but it didn't change anything.

Again, the data (other than calendar events) was created some time ago and shifted forward, so maybe it's somehow lost in the past? But it's all gone now. 

Thanks for the help, 


Under review

Hi, Michelle!

Thank you for reaching out.

I will share this with our dev team for further checking. I will get back to you as soon as I receive a feedback.

Hi there, 

Thanks for the response. My data is "back" as I would expect it to be this morning, just to add another wrinkle. If I can help with debugging please let me know! Otherwise I will let you know if it happens again.

Another detail: this was after an install of Dashlane which I feel hijacked a number of settings on my computer (I got logged out of everything, my github credentials aren't stored locally, etc. etc.) so it's possible that this is an edge case related to that. 

Hi there!

Thank you for sharing this for reference.

I am waiting for an update from our dev team regarding this. I will let you know as soon as I heard from them.

Thank you for understanding.

Hi, Michelle!

Thank you for patiently waiting.

We received a feedback from our dev team. They checked this account - michelle@michellefunk.com but they are unable to determine the cause for this.

Do you have any other email address/ account?

Looking forward to your response!

Nope, no other email with Weekplan. For the time being since Dashlane so thoroughly messed with my system, I'll assume it was some weird edge case that has self-corrected. But I'll let you know if it pops up again (and do better debugging to see whether it's client or server side) if that's the case.

Hi, Michelle!

Thank you for confirming this.

Our sincerest apologies for the delays. I will notify our dev team and share your suggestion (do better debugging to see whether it's client or server side).

Oh, that wasn't a suggestion for them, that was what I will do if I see it again. As a dev myself I should have checked out the browser tools in the first place to get you better diagnostic info, but hopefully I don't see it again regardless.