How about a list view to see all upcoming events without having to flick through the months?

Joe Pusey 6 years ago updated by Boo L. 2 years ago 5
I think maybe you should try a different kind of planner.  Weekplan is for dialing in projects and tasks on a weekly/daily time frame.  But more importantly deciphering those into the Covey 'Four Quadrants'.
I know, and that's mainly what I use it for! In just struck me the other day that I was looking for the dates I had put a specific event in, and didn't want to scroll through all the months in order to find it, especially as the time scrolling is very sluggish for me at the moment :)
Hi Joe, maybe I could find a way to mark the days with some tasks in the calendar widget so that it is easy for you to find weeks with tasks.
That sounds like the perfect solution :)