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See whole schedule (all teams)

Michael303 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 4


I used to be able to select multiple teams in the filter and I could see all those scheduled activities (very useful for planning).  I don't seem to be able to do that any more?  I have to select each individual team to see what is scheduled for the week - is this correct or am I missing something simple!



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Hi. Michael!

Thank you for reaching out.

The filter function with the current version is limited per team workspace only. 

Thanks Ana,

I'm a bit confused on the new usage then - how do you get an overview of your day?  How do you see your free time to know where to schedule activities if you can't see your commitments across multiple projects (workspaces)?

Hi, Michael!

There are users who have more than one workspaces - personal, business, family. Others who use them for businesses, create one workspace per team or department. 

Since you can invite users to your workspace, we have to limit the filter function to the current schedule to maintain the account's privacy.

How about a private view that pulls all activities I have permissions for?

Otherwise we've got a productivity app with no way to see commitments for the day/week (apart from individually scrolling through each project I am a member of - hardly usable) and therefore no way to be able to plan!  Not sure what the WeekPlan concept is but, productivity wise, the use case doesn't seem very useful any more.  I say any more since Weekplan used to allow seeing the schedule for multiple workspaces at once.  This basic ability to see all committments is what most other platforms provide and is inherent in the ability to plan future work.

Is there anything planned in this area?