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Printing now doesn't work

sarah.lambert 2 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 5

I liked the old week plan because I could print the screen and have a printed copy of tasks for the week. But now they don't all fit on the screen without scrolling which means that printing the screen doesn't print the whole week :-(  Very upset about this change.

Under review

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for your message.  We appreciate the feedback.  May we ask which section would you like the Printing option to be made available for please?



Sorry I can't figure out how to reply to your comment so hopefully you get this email. I print out this screen every week. 

However sometimes it opens up into the new version instead of this version. When it opens in the "new" version I can't see Monday through Friday all on one screen because there is a scroll bar at the bottom, to scroll right. 

I can print this version that I screen shotted becasue I'm printing the screen as it appears but unless you have a print option in the new version with the scrolling bar there is no way to see the whole screen to print. 


Thank you for sending that through.

We no longer recommend using the old version as this will be removed soon. Also, our dev team is focused on working on the new version including updates and bug fixes.

You can actually take a screenshot of the entire week on the new version. Just click on the tabs of the previous days and adjust the view (zoom in/zoom out) of your web browser before taking the screenshot.


Here's another way to download and print the data from your calendar:


So, your saying I can no longer hit print and print my screen I have to do 3 steps 1. zoom out. 2. screen shot 3. print or download stuff. 

Thank you for the work arounds. I am glad to be able to print but not glad that it isn't quick and easy. 

Hi, Sarah!

You can still do the screenshot with the new version but it depends on the browser you are using, you can adjust the view to fit the days to your screen. Just use the shortcut to your keyboard (CTRL plus -/+ or  CLTRL while using the up and down scrolls of your mouse) before pressing the print screen. Like we've shown on the screenshot and GIF above. The print and download stuff is another option.