Outliner not saving

Samuel Petre 5 years ago updated by Grace 4 years ago 3

I'm in trial mode right now, and put a fair amount of work into the 'outliner' section last night. Logged back in tonight and it's all gone. I notice that when I type anything in and click the refresh button in the side menu, everything is erased. Is this a feature of the trial version, or a bug?

Love this software, can definitely see using it as my primary task manager (android app coming soon?). Just need to know my content won't be lost!

Under review
Hi Samuel! Can you please provide the link provided by this website to help us provide a proper resolution to this issue, http://www.whatsmybrowser.org/

Greatly appreciate your patience!
This issue was related to Safari users. It should work now.
I will close this ticket now. Feel free to contact us again if this issue has not resolved on your end. Thanks for your patience!