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What happens when you try to go to the previous week? Try opening weekplan with this url please: https://app.weekplan.net
Hi Aymeric. When I do to the previous week, the weekly goals are blank but then they appear. However, when I try to transfer them to the current week, I get an Error 524 message. Pls let me know if you can fix it because this is a very valuable feature.
Aymeric: the problem continues. I really need to be able to copy previous week's goals--it is critical to my planning and use of Weekplan. I just tried to copy the goals form 2 weeks ago to last week and the app wouldn't do it, again giving me a 524 message. Please update me and let me know when this will be resolved.
Yes we have found the source of the issue (database performance). I will try to get that fixed tomorrow. We are preparing a new release that has taken our focus lately. Sorry about that.

The issue should be fixed, let me know next time you try to run it if it works.

Hi Charles, is the problem fixed for you?

I have a similar problem - the tasks from past week are randomly getting copied to new week. It is also not synching properly with the mobile app. I think the database of the app is messed up. Are you working on fixing it?