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marcangelos 2 years ago updated by NatMan 1 year ago 5

Hi, I would love to have a widget for this app. That will make it the best app ever! 

Android app
Under review


Thank you for the suggestion.

This may not be on our priority list but I'll be more than happy to share this to our team for future reference.

For the meantime, we'd like to hear what other users think and keep the votes coming. :)

please do create an Android widget  so that key goals and tasks can be shown on home screens. Happy to give more details and ideas.  

Hi, Natman!

Thank you for voting on this suggestion. We like to hear more about your insight on this. :)

i think top 2 widgets would be a summarised view of high Priority tasks, with a counter/icon to show the total number when minimised, and another widget to show the Today view.  Both resizable.  

Take a look @ how ToDoist handles their widgets... it is clean and very straight forward.