Zapier integration -> Google Calendar: times are off

Tyler Mandry 6 years ago updated by Boo L. 2 years ago 4
Similar to this user, I am having trouble with the time zone when I use Zapier integration to Google Calendar. For a task without a time interval, it goes from 1am to 1am, so everything seems to be an hour off. I am in CST.

Hi Tyler, could you send me your WeekPlan email address to support@weekplan.net so that I can review what timezone we have in database for your account?


I think I found the issue. this requires a fairly deep change of how we handle the times in our database. This will get solved but I can't commit on a delivery date at the moment. We already had a go at the problem earlier, we will continue on that work.
Hi Tyler, I have just added a field called "Is All Day Event" that you need to map to the "Force All Day Event?" from Google Calendar when setting up the zap. 

I have updated the tutorial: http://weekplan.net/synchronize-google-calendar-an...

Let me know if that solves your problem...