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deleting tasks is complicatetd!

Kamut 2 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 10


  • there are too many steps nessesary for deleting tasks! Is it possibe to invent an swipe- gesture or s.th. like this?

  • I said it a while ago: please give a lasting possibility to hide tasks that are finished! The list is always so long, that it is not possible to see the important task row without scrolling up...



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You can filter them out?

Yes, but after reloading the page (which is s.t. necessary beacuse the system is stuck) the filter is going  lost. ...any other possibilities there?



Hi, Kamut!

For the completed task, these are hidden and can be viewed when you click the dropdown button as shown below.

If you wanted to search for a completed task without opening the list, the filter function will be able to help out. 


but in the moment I create any new action on weekplan (for example creating a new task...) the hidden tasks will appear again!  That is a bit bothering because I have to re- hide them  manually all the time.

This ist with mozilla and chrome the same. 




You are most welcome.

We will notify you once we receive an update from our dev team.

Thank you for understanding.

It should be fixed now. 


Kamut via email 2 years ago
No, sorry, It is not fixed in the new update! 

If I hide completed tasks manually (without using  a filter) they will appear again when ever I add new task or do anything else. 

Best regards

Hi, Kamut!

Thank you for letting us know. I have forwarded your feedback to our dev team.