repeating tasks in parking lot

bec 5 years ago updated by mei.schulz13 4 months ago 5
I can understand the thinking behind not allowing repeating tasks in the parking lot - i.e. if they're not assigned to a particular day, you can't really set them to repeat daily, weekly etc. However I've got quite a lot of tasks that need to be repeated at some interval (e.g. annually in July), even if I haven't yet set a specific date. I would love to be able to set these to 'repeat', with a copy dropping back into the parking lot when I mark it as completed for a particular day. Hope this makes sense. Thanks!
I was just reading the FAQs looking for something else and found this:
  • How do I clone a task?

    Simply press CTRL before starting to drag a task and it will be cloned instead of moved.
This is an alternative to my request for repeating parking lot tasks - ie. I can just clone it and leave a copy in the parking lot for next time. Keen to learn more such shortcuts and workarounds!

I'm using a macbook so what do I press instead of CTRL?

Under review
Yes, cloning is probably a good way to solve your problem :)

In weekly planner part:

Repeating tasks that are planned and coming near the enddate, can not be prolonged.

an server error message follows.

please look forr why.