Idea: Regular Breaks and day rhythms and habits

Marc 5 years ago updated by Boo L. 2 years ago 4
at first thanks for your great product with really useful features. To me it's a big help to "think in Weekplan", in goals, roles and quadrants already. :)

(1) Something that came to my mind lately: I could imagine that a "regular breaks" feature could be maybe useful. Studies show clearly, when we take regular breaks, we tend to get overworked less and feel less stressed out. Many forget (or ignore on purpose) taking breaks - and that has its downsides definitely.

When you don't use pomodoro timer (which should be able to be put to different intervals, but I think you have that on your plan already, probably) for all tasks, breaks don't become regular - so I guess it could be useful, to install a "regular break function", that reminds you of regular breaks.

If people have the chance to add certain little "habitees" to their breaks and are reminded of them, they can benefit in efficiency a lot. Imagine you are doing like ten times a day three pushups... that will let grow your biceps a loot :) or just other little "minute-habits" that can improve life a lot, I suppose.

(2) Day Rhythms. In Ayurveda there's something called Dynacharia. It divides the day into six "phases" altogether that have different qualities (like being mentally very flexible versus having a lot of energy, and so on - Vata, Pitta and Kapha). Additionally, our brain hemispheres and out body rhythms change exactly every 90 minutes.
I use this 90 minute-rhythms to structure my day in "areas" that I can overlook easily, and I connect these areas together with roles, rituals and to do's. So I have an easy way to keep balance between the roles, between "must-do's" and "should-do's", plan my progresses and see how much time I can spend on a certain thing right before. Maybe helpful idea for other people too when they can just define their "Time areas" visually.

(3) Habits. If you want a better life, they say, you need better habits. That's definitely true. When things you wanna do are built like little habits, you do them in autopilot, don't have to think about it and don't have to plan. You get a better life automatically. Almost everything can be put into "few minutes habits" (from reading a few pages to planning or exercising, drink water whatever) and so be on autopilot - no stress, no planning effort and you sure that you will make progress in the long run. It normally takes between 30 and 66 days for things to become a habit, when you do it on the same time regularly. I currently use an android app called "Habit Bull" that has best functionality for habit building, motivation and regular remindings, after I have tested a lot. Maybe it could be a good idea to try to install some habit building feature into weekplan - cause all that's already a habit or a ritual you don't need to plan, so efficiency grows.

Just some thoughts about what could be useful, too. WeekPlan as is is really, really good already - but those are things that maybe could make it even more useful to people.

Have a good day, and thanks again for your helpful app,

Thanks for your suggestions. I'll let people vote and discuss these.

I think the habit concept would be exceptional. I'm ADHD and a big problem for me is creating routines and habits. If I was able to have a daily checklist of repetitious tasks that I could do everyday perhaps over time they could become habits instead of things that constantly run around in my head causing me to get overwhelmed. Weekplan has already helped me out by leaps and bounds (and I've used VARIOUS different planners) but this one outshines them all (even if there are the occasional bugs). I can't tell you how many times I've forgotten to grab my lunch for work, or how much easier it would be if I just remembered to set my clothes out at night. I know that those are simple things for most people, but perhaps a separate page dedicated to the everyday little habits wouldn't bulk up my window like it can occasionally, so I don't put it on there, and then I forget. Weekplan has also been a godsend by just helping me get some of the things that need done out of my head. I definitely could use an everyday habit/chore list. I love the fact of using the grading score under the Goals of The Week. Perhaps it could be something similar where as you keep track of what you accomplish you get a percentage grade score. I'm aware there are other apps that offer such things, but this is the one app that makes me feel super accomplished. I think you've made planner better, and I think you could make habit tracking better too. I mean, the entire concept came from the seven habits, right?

Thanks for your suggestion and enthusiam :) It's great to hear how people love weekplan.

Regarding the habits, the simplest way at the moment is to use repeating tasks for your habits. It will "clutter" your week in a way, but at the same time, they are tasks to be done too, so they should be there.