Button in Chrome tool bar having issues

Anonymous22 6 years ago updated by Grace 5 years ago 6
Hi, I tried quickly adding in a new task in the drop down button list when I was in another window, and I reopened it later and it was gone. I'm also not able to drag and re-prioritise in this view. Any help would be great. Thanks
Hi, I logged in again and added in a task to the normal full window view, I went off to another window and came back, and the task had disappeared!
Could you please clear your browser cache, it looks like it is holding onto old files.
Thanks - I just cleared the cache, however now I can't seem to drag anything between boxes!
I am very confident that your browser is still holding onto old files. Could you try to do CTRL+F5 when you have weekplan open?
I just did that now so will see how it goes through the day. Thanks!