I would use an iPad app

Aymeric (Founder) 8 years ago updated 4 years ago 8

I would really like an iPad app for offline use - this is my meeting tool and the connection can break.

I would use the iPhone app in the iPad but it gets blurry in x2 and x1 is very small. I wouldn't mind a Universal app even if it wasn't taking full advantage of the iPad screen

Under review

Thanks Alexandre, I will see if the iphone app developer can improve this experience for you.

Basicaly, we can have two ways:

- 1: enlarge the view to allow the iPad resolution and the offline;

- 2: give us the web version in the iPad resolution and offline;

#2 requires too much effort. #1 is the simplest.

I will build the app as a universal app as well. So will still have the iPhone UI but everything will be nice and crisp :). Pushing the updated version today, expect it to be available within 6-10 days


Even added support for multi tasking!