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hide completed tasks

wokandskillet 2 years ago updated by Ilya Kuzovkin 2 months ago 4

I would love for the completed tasks to remain hidden instead of popping up each time I complete a new task. 

Under review


Thank you for the suggestion.

May we request for a screenshot or recording showing this? We are unable to replicate this on our end.

Hi Ana, I've attached a screencast here. The "completed" tasks section is hidden, but every time I mark a task as completed, it expands the "completed" section again, and I have to keep clicking to hide it. Recording #2.mp4

I would like tasks to stay hidden as a filter option as well!

+1 to this one.
Currently if I refresh the page or navigate "home", "next week", "last week", etc - the completed tasks are expanded, would love to have an option to keep them collapsed at all times unless I expand them manually.
"Alway keep completed tasks collapsed: yes/no"