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clickable URL's in comments/notes section

wokandskillet 2 years ago updated by Nathaniel Fielding 1 year ago 4

Please consider making URL's in the notes section automatically hyperlinked so that they're clickable


Hi, Char!

Thank you for reaching out.

Our team has released an update yesterday and the links on these section are now clickable. 

May we ask for you to check on your end again if it's working?

Hi Ana! Thanks so much for your super quick response! It looks like it's now clickable if the URL is part of the task, but it's still not clickable if the URL is located in the Notes section. Please see attached screenshot. Thanks so much!!

Hi, Char!

I am checking with our dev team to confirm if the notes section was included with the recently deployed update.

I'll let you know once I receive a feedbback. 

How is this still not a thing? As of 02/10/2019 on the Windows and iOS apps, notes do not have clickable links.