All drag and drop functionality is gone?

Joe Pusey 6 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 2 years ago 8
I can no longer drag and drop items between days or to different roles at all? All changes have to be made by going into the edit menu and doing it there :(
Hi Joe, 

Sorry for the late reply. Could you try doing CTRL+F5 on weekplan several times to try to get the latest files?
I am also having trouble dragging & dropping. The arrow cursor appears when I hover my mouse over, but cannot move a goal.
Using Chrome on an iMac, and Safari on an iPhone 4S.
Is the task you are trying to drag a recurring task? Drag/drop is disabled for this type of tasks...
It's an old bug but I can't get this to work at the moment for roles. I can't drag those around. Tasks / goals do work.

What do you mean by roles? Roles can't be dragged...

I am facing strange problems too, when I try to drag and drop tasks after some time with the page open strange things happen: (1) or it reload automatically, (2) or the tasks become non-clickable, (3) or it doubles the task.

I am trying to chase this issue. Are these issues caused by repeating tasks maybe?