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What happened to Analytics? What gets measured gets done!

bmilford 2 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 1 year ago 8

Can't seem to find the metrics anymore. Are there plans to add back in the next update or am I missing something?

Under review

Hi there,

we found that the analytics module wasn't really helping get actionable insights so we removed it until we improve on this.

Would you mind describing what you liked about it? How were you using it? How did it influence the way you managed your time?


The amount of tasks and goals complete per month, the estimated time vs. actual time, the wheel, roles chart and all of them really! These visual views of the metrics were extremely helpful. What good is a planner if you can't measure where you are as well as where you've come from in order to head into the future with accuracy and precision? My thought is, without these features, it's more like a "to do" list. 


Thank you for your feedback.

Our founder is away from his desk at the moment. I have forwarded your message for him to look into. 


Hi, Aymeric,

I hope Analytics come back asap. For me it is very important to understand where I am spending my time in my different roles in life.  


You can access the Analytics page here http://app.weekplan.net/?returnTo=v2#view=Analytics until we decide what to do with this module...

WOW! I need Analytics very much!!! Don't destroy this extremely important feature :) It's a star of planning.  


Hi, Sella!

Thank you. I shared your feedback to our team regarding this.