Assign roles to imported calendar tasks

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Hi, I'm trying to assign some tasks that I have in my google calendar to roles, but it doesn't seem to work. When I change the role, in the timeline the event will briefly be the role color, and then go back to gray. I'd like to be able to assign roles to imported events.

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Ana Loraine
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Hi, Sparky!

Thank you for reaching out.

May we ask if these tasks are read - only events from your synced Google calendar? Also, may we have the email address of your Week Plan account?

Looking forward to your responsse.

robert hudman

Hey Guys

I have identified this issue as well. With a bit of trial and error it appears that that you can apply a Role when you created the Google Calendar event, provided you did not invite anyone to the Google Calendar Meeting. 

If you have added people to the Google Calendar Meeting or your have been invited to someone else's meeting, then you cannot add Roles. 

In fact, same issue applies to adding an importance or priority level. I really think this should be looked at. 

Support Team

Hi Robert,

We are looking into this issue. We will update you soon.

Dev Team