@ assignment to roles hasn't been working for the last two or three days.

Colin Wilkinson 7 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 7 years ago 6

I use this every time I add a new task and it's my favorite feature. Now having to enter a task and then click its edit button in order to assign a role from the drop down slows down the usage quite a bit.


Fixed the issue. It will be deployed in the next two hours.

This is still not working as of today.

Should be working, I am not getting any problem. could you give me a sample task you are trying to enter with the @ notation?

Yup, if I type in the following (under the "Do" view) I get no auto-complete for the role:

"Test the role tagging @B"

Damn, it only works if @ is the first character of the task. We will fix this. Thanks!

Oh you're right. I've never tried putting the @ token up front when entering a task. Thanks!