What a great app!

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Just wanted to say how great this app is. I've been making my way through 7 habits also, using paper-based weekly schedules to manage work, family and community commitments. I'm looking forward to trying your approach as a replacement (I'm on day 1).

I think your intro walk through is great, although I think you should try and put some more instruction into Objectives, and defining your core values and mission statement (I struggle with this). For an example, I have an objective of 'AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification' - and I'd love some guidance on putting it into tasks (study, 

Also I wondered whether it would be appropriate to put some guiding quotes from 7 Habits (or First Things First) into the web pages, as it is too easy to fall off the bandwagon and back into old habits. Also might prompt visitors why aren't familiar with the Covey's approach to read up on the why.

One section of the book I just read I've paraphrased and write on my weekly planner:

    Goals - Leadership - What certain things do I want to accomplish?

    Priorities - Management - How can I best accomplish certain things?

Also thank you for making it such good value!

If you need any further feedback or testing, please get in touch.

Web app

Hey Will

I have just started using Week Plan myself (still on trial). 

Although I will have some feedback (mainly on UX which needs improvement), overall the solution is fantastic. 

The sync with Google Calendar is one of the biggest bonuses as I have so many staff I work with that book direct into my calendar...now I can block out time for the Quadrant II time I need and its there automatically. 

Thanks for the kind words.

We have a Facebook group to help us get feedback before we publish new features. Please join us: https://www.facebook.com/groups/430163354142822/

I don’t use Facebook myself

But may set up an account to acces this as a big fan of Week Plan 

Regarding your feedback on the onboarding, we will add more videos based on the user persona you picked.

And yes, the Vision module is incomplete, we want to guide the users through the process of clarifying their vision... we are building our own vision step by step :)