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See future recurrences in calendar

lalaland999 2 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 3

Would love to be able to see future recurring tasks in the calendar views. So, if I set a task to recur daily, I'd like to be able to view tomorrow's recurrence in the following day's list. 

Under review


Thank you for reaching out.

We'd love to hear your suggestion on the repeat function. May we ask for your clarification with how you'd like to see the repeated tasks on your planner?

You can actually see the daily repeated tasks on your calendar.

The issue, as it turns out, is that repeated timing isn't being saved. Anytime I refresh the browser, those settings get wiped.


Thank you for the response. 

Please be advised that we have also responded to your private ticket regarding this concern. Kindly let us know if you haven't received it yet. 

We'll wait for you response.