Where is an explanation/help/introduction to learn to use this WeekPlan?
I would like to learn how to print the Vision with the status day, because the Vision changes with the time passing, and how to visualize and print the full week and each day, so I can take it with me. Thank you.

I have updated WeekPlan for you :) Now you can print the Vision page and the current date will appear.

There is a FAQ page you can access to by clicking on the link on the top right of WeekPlan but I haven't put any documentation related to printing yet.

If you open your week in WeekPlan and click the Print button of your internet browser, it will allow you to print a print-friendly version of your week.

There is no one-day-only representation at the moment.

Regarding printing the vision, it is a good idea to add the current date. I will add this soon.