Better role and big rock management

Aymeric (Founder) 8 years ago updated 7 years ago 8
Weekly goals are now called big rocks (as used by S. Covey).

I have deployed an easier way to manage the roles and big rocks. 
Now you can also archive a role.

I have also unified the interface of the big rocks and the tasks.

Next step is to allow to associate a task to a role.
And where are archived ROLE? :)
They are not shown at the moment. Many missing features :) I need to prioritize what I work on first.
How do I see big rocks and little rocks?
You can only see big rocks which are now called "Goals of the week"
I think weekly goals for every role must be easy to add as in the rest of the weekly planner, with a simple text box. And not with an add button plus new window for entering the goal, as it is now.
What do you think?
I think that adding a textbox for each role would take too much space. I have a very limited amount of visual space I can use, so I prefer to use it for things you use often.