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Collapse Sub-tasks in HIT section when in Planner View

robert.hudman 2 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 2 years ago 4


I would like the option to collapse the sub-tasks on a task in the HIT section when in Planner section. 

If this is a current feature let me know, I could not find how to do this. 

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Hi  Robert,

Thank you for reaching out. We already have this option (Hide Subtask link) pointed below:

We value your Ideas / Feedback and suggetions. Feel free to reach out to us. Let us know if collapsing/ Expand working fine for you. 

Thank you for the response

I should have clarified; I meant to:

  • Hide all sub-tasks (it still shows the first sub-task). Although having the first sub-task showing isn't a bad feature now that I think about it. 
  • Have a setting so that all sub-tasks are hidden in the HIT section for all tasks by default. 

Hi Robert, we are not planning to implement this feature, but we will keep your suggestion open so that other users can vote.

I believe there is some benefit in having the first subtask show, it is your next action.

Under review

Sorry I misunderundertood, I have forwarded your idea to the founder of WeekPlan. I will get back to you soon with an update.