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Where the percentage of task done bar go?

DanPageau 2 years ago updated by dwaits 2 years ago 8
Under review

Did you use it much? We felt that the slider took too much space and didn't add enough value...


Yes I used it all the time. The problem is that I’m loosing all my progress report. Same thing with goals. I lost all of my progress for the quarter. Can you guy’s stop removing features that are in use? It’s confusing me. Or at least give an option.

I agree with Dan....I had assumed that product would use analytics to see who is using a feature before considering turning it off. 

How are decisions about turning off features being made at Week Plan?

I have see a few threads where features are just getting turned off....do users not get a notification of a proposed removal of a feature? 

Yeah, I used that as well., no point in having a goals overview without a percentage.
Maybe add a dropdown for less common options and stick things in there instead of removing.

Thank you everyone for sharing your insight about the removal of this function and how we make changes with the app.  I have forwarded these to Aymeric and our dev team for review. 

We do check for analytics before removing features, and I can tell you that very few of you use progress bars.

1. Some of you seem to be referring to goal progress, did you mean, goal progress based on task progress?

2. I will look at moving the task progress somewhere less intrusive.

I use both.  1) Task progress, and 2) goal progress based on task progress.

Yeah, those are all 0% although some progress has been made.