Time arrangement of tasks

Ishrat Saleem 6 years ago updated by Grace 2 years ago 8 1 duplicate
I love several new features introduced. One is the duration for each task. As I like to schedule my day time-wise, it would be great if all tasks auto-arrange according to the time of the day. I have hard time manually arranging tasks.

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Hi Ishrat,

Currently the tasks are being sorted by urgency: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4. For most people, it is a better way to sort their tasks than per time but I also realize that it doesn't make sense to show "Task 2 12:00!" before "Task 1 10:00".

I have added an item in my parking lot to think about a way to handle this correctly. Thank you!
Thank you very much for your consideration. I think the colors and boldness already do the job of indicating to which quadrant the task belongs even if they're arranged according to the time of the day. I'd prefer a 24 hours grid in which to enter tasks, if there was an option to switch to that mode.
Is there an update regarding this feature (i.e., time sorting of tasks)?
I am planning to do this in two steps:

1. Sort tasks by start time and completed time (so that it shows some kind of timeline of your days.

2. Improve the user interface to allow to see a classic calendar day view.

Aymeric and our developers are planning on creating a day view soon. Keep an eye out for the announcement! :)

I love how when you set a time for one task and add tasks behind it, the times for the new tasks are automatically set and stacked by the duration of the tasks! That's a really thoughtful detail.

Just one issue I've run into--if a series of tasks for a day are stacked like this, and one tasks's duration is changed in the middle, the following tasks don't adjust. For example, Task 1 at 11:00am takes 30min. Task 2 is placed after Task 1, and so automatically is set for 11:30am. However, if I change Task 1 to take 60m instead of 30m, Task 2 is still set for 11:30am, and I need to adjust it (and all subsequent tasks) manually.

Two suggestions for the time arrangement:

1. If tasks are stacked, I would love the ability (or option) to have them linked so that if one event is adjusted (either time of day or duration), all following tasks automatically adjust as well!

2. I'm not crazy about the vertical bar that represents the time of day of the task across the text. It's distracting to me personally, and slightly decreases readability. Unless others find it helpful, I would say it isn't necessary.

I like the vertical bar showing a visual representation of time starting and duration

I have just starting using WeekPlan today and that is the only feature I am missing.

I do not want to waste too much time setting starting time and finish times for each task, so the ideal way (at least for me) would be to have the day view in time slots of T duration, and the day would start at X time and finish at Y time. And T, X and Y could be pre-set by the user once.

So then I would just need to create the task in the time slot I want it to me.