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Thank you for reaching out. 

After adding the notes, may we ask if you are able to click this save and close button after adding them?

I wasn’t hitting enter after creating a subtask, just hitting save and close.  I see now that if I hit enter after creating a subtask that it will save.    The notes are staying after I hit save and close so I think this was user error.  thank you for the response. 

Interesting addition to this issue - if you delete sub-tasks then it closes the entire task and goes back to planner view. 

This isn't logical...if you delete a sub-task it should take you back to the main task. 

Can this be looked at please?

Hi, Robert!

Thank you for catching this.  I have forwarded your feedback about the delete function of 'Subtasks' to our dev team for checking

Please be advised that the subtasks are saved as soon as you press Enter. The notes on the other hand, are only saved when you click the 'Save and Close' button. 


I ran into this issue too. I have to hit 'return' for the subtasks and notes to stick.


- type "this is a subtask" into '+add subtask' field

- At this point it looks like my subtask has been added so I...

- hit 'save and close'

- expect subtask to be saved, but it isn't


- type "this is a subtask" into '+add subtask' field

- hit 'return' (only because I know this is the only way to get the subtask to 'stick')

- hit 'save and close'

- subtask does get saved