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Markdown seems be not working in tasks

mark.dorrill+weekplan 2 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 2 years ago 6

Was the functionality removed?

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Thank you for reaching out.

May we ask for your clarification if you are referring to marking a task when completed?

No I was referring to markdown formatting in task notes.

Hi, Mark!

Thank you for your clarification.

I will forward this to our dev team for further checking. I will get back to you as soon as I receive an update.

Thank you for understanding.

Hi Mark,

Looking at how people are using the task notes, a small percentage were using the markdown syntax. 

So we felt it was complicating the software with little added value.

How were you using this feature?

In notes to format text, just like markdown is designed for.

I have to say that its quite a sudden and opinionated move to remove something that I was used to. Something like markdown should be creating a large overhead and should not be complicating well-structured software. I don't recall seeing any communication about this or being asked about something I was used to in your product, its removal leaving a massive feeling of dissatisfaction.

Not very impressed at all. Other platforms using markdown would not behave in such a way with something their users had taken as a standard albeit small feature.

I understand your feeling of disappointment, and we need to improve our processes when it comes to removing features.

I will look at bringing it back.