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Bug: how to remove a subtask from the week (i.e clear its date) and keep it visible only in the parent task?

Khaireddine Amamou 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 4
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Hi, Khaireddine!

Thank you for reaching out.  

May I ask for your clarification if you are looking to put back a subtask that is scheduled on a different date to that same date with the parent task?

Yes, to the same date with the parent task if it has one, otherwise just return to the board/parking lot

I think that Khaireddine means that if you mistakenly confirm a subtask with a defined calendar date, the only way to clear date from sub-task is to drag it out from week calendar back to the his original board/Parkin Lot, but you can't put it again into his parent task, so that result is a duplicated task visualisation (one into the parent task, the other outside). In any case please let me know how to do that, because is common to have task and subtask that in their first draft don't contains any date.

Thank you dario for clarification, that's exactly what I meant (duplication is annoying ^^)