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CTRL + drag to duplicate a task

dario.bavicchi@bavicchi.it 2 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 9

It works only when dragging task from Boards to date

But it don't work if i drag from date to another date

Also dragging works only on Chrome not in windows web app (tested in two different systems)

It's correct or something don't work as expected?

Web app
Under review

Hi, Dario!

Please be advised that we don't have this function (CTRL + drag to duplicate task) available with the app yet. 

Thanks for reply. 

I hope then that you'll be able to update soon your apps (win/Ios/android) so that features and working flow are coherent. 


Please can you explain / help me to understand how (and when) this USEFULL function works?

Now i can't replicate it anymore!

Dragging from board to date: not working

Dragging from HIT to date: not working

Dragging from date to date: not working

I tried pressing CTRL before and after clicking the task

I tried in all browser i have 

I don't know what i made days ago to make it works!

Hi, Dario!

Thank you for reaching out.

May we ask for your confirmation if the drag and drop function doesn't work on your end?

Here's how the function works.

It does'nt work here. Tested in 2 browser in 2 computers + in my laptop web app on Chrome (run for the first time)

Pressed CTRL then dragged to calendar (from boards and from HIT): it simply moves the task and does'nt replicate it. 

Hi, Dario!

My apologies for the confusion. As advised previously on one of our previous messages, we don't have the function to duplicate the task. 

We only have the repeat task feature, 

Hi, Dario!

We are are more than happy to walk you through regarding team management. 

May we have these through a coaching session? Just select a schedule from this calendar and we'll get back to you via http://appear.in/weekplan


About the subject i found the below past discussion where your founder wroted that this feature has been available 2 years ago...

ability to copy a task by drag & drop and holding CTRL

Hi, Dario!

This function - copy/duplicate task using CTRL + drag and drop, is not available with the current version.